From the Executive Director

I’m Thankful For This Statistic

Of all the statistics I could mention, I’m very thankful that 91 churches were represented in the messenger attendance at our Annual Summit in October, 2022.  2021: 65 churches. 2022: 91 churches.  The 26-church increase this year is 21% of our 432 SCBI-affiliated churches.  But that’s 26 more churches than last year attending our most important meeting of the year.

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Four reasons to attend the SCBI Annual Summit

Diversity Size, leadership style, methodology, and ethnicities– I love the diversity of churches in our convention! At the Annual Summit, you get to spend time with leaders who are doing things differently than you, which could inspire you in your ministry context.  Plus, this year, I want to celebrate

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We’d love to hear about it

Do you know have an amazing story of how God is working in your church and/or community? We’d love to hear about it and share it with our Indiana Baptist subscribers and on our social media!
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Thankful at Thanksgiving

It is that time of year…. the seasons are changing, the leaves are changing/have changed, the air is brisk and begins to make you thankful to have a Highland Lakes sweatshirt on (available as a wonderful Christmas gift…but that’s another season yet to come). There are so many things to be thankful for; and it is “good to give thanks to the Lord.”

Your team at Highland Lakes is thankful for the opportunity that the Lord gives us to provide a resource that helps others discover, develop, and deploy a transformed life in Christ. But you already knew that. We are thankful to see His “faithful love in the morning and (His) faithfulness at night.” And…we are thankful that Rick Porter does not know how to play the ten-stringed harp or lyre.

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Church compensation study results are out

Many churches are right now preparing for their upcoming budget year. With that preparation comes the discussion of compensation for pastors and church employees. Like many Americans, churches are feeling the pinch when it comes to their monthly budgets. They want to be able

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Uncommon generosity honors God

Barrington Ridge Baptist Church in Hobart, IN worked to maintain its parking lot every year. Over the years they invested more and more time and money filling the potholes in an effort to provide a nice place to park and ensure safe walking into

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What Time Is It for Your Church?

This is the question raised by Pastor Bruce Miller in his book entitled, Your Church in Rhythm. Based on a study of the biblical words for time, “chronos” and “kairos,” as well as the principle of timeliness in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, the author argues that

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