From the Executive Director

A Unique Time for SCBI

I have been writing in this article for the past year about different aspects of a process that our state convention is going through called Denominee. This has been an interesting, challenging, informative and futuristic look at how we function as a state convention. Let me take a moment and share how I think this has come to us at a unique time in the life of our convention of churches. Many of you may have heard about some of what God is doing in the lives of our state convention staff. 

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Pray for Your Search Team

Pray for Your Search Team God has a plan for Indiana Baptists. I have believed that for 20 years. I still believe it. I am looking forward to seeing what God does with our family of churches all across Indiana that is called “The State Convention of Baptists in

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Latest Articles

I didn’t know what I couldn’t see.

OK, I am officially old. I had cataract surgery last month. All my life, my vision has been somewhat of an issue. I got glasses at eight years old. I was unable to qualify in a night firing exercise in the Army after leading the way in the daylight. I had difficulty identifying one color from another leading me to be called ‘fashion-challenged” by a loving ministry assistant. As the years rolled on I visited a fancy eye doctor who told me the only option for

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Hope Community Church and Pastor Jim Bohrer (Tour Host) have partnered with Biblical Israel Ministry and Tours (BIMT) to offer you an opportunity to visit The Holy Land, January 17-30, 2022! Our prayer is that you will be able to join us on this inspiring, educational and life-transforming tour in Israel. During this 14-day trip, we will visit many traditional sites as well as a number of non-traditional sites, a few of which are well off the beaten path. And even if you have been to

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Baptist Foundation of Indiana

April 1 Scholarship Application Deadline

Applications and supporting documents for a Baptist Foundation of Indiana scholarship must be received by April 1. Through the gifts of donors, scholarship funds are available for students who are members of SCBI churches and are preparing for vocational ministry at a college or

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Estate Planning Basics

Everything we have is a gift from God. We’re commanded to use these gifts for His glory during our lifetime, but also beyond. Basic estate planning is making a plan in advance and naming who you want to receive the things you own after

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