Living the life at Student Fusion

By Allison Kinion What does five days of living life with students and adults look like at Student Fusion Camp? If you were to take a peek, perhaps you would hear the loud music and observe a sea of teenagers worshipping with literally everything they have.

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Baptist Foundation Scholarships

This year the Baptist Foundation awarded nine students pursuing vocational ministry with scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year. Each scholarship was made possible because of generous donors, many of whom gave years ago and are now with the Lord. Although some donated large sums, many gave what they had towards the general scholarship fund. Their sacrificial gifts provide annual income that is allocated for qualified Indiana students preparing for ministry.

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Recently, I was asked about my ministry journey that has stretched from Ohio, South Florida, planting in Montana, and revitalizing in Indiana. The question, “What elements were needed for these ministries to flourish?”, caused me to pause and think about the common thread that ran through each of these. Immediately obvious to me was the concept of TEAM.

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Welcome new senior pastors!

Jason Paul, Faith Southern Baptist, Clay City

Steve Meister, Southwood Baptist, Beech Grove

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