Time for change

Now that the Covid-19 restrictions have been decreased, most of our SCBI churches have begun to meet in person once again. I heard it put this way, “We’re getting back to normal!” Sure, we can get back to normal – but should we?

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From the Executive Director

New Articles

Generosity Is on the Rise?

Generosity is no longer about money. Outside of prayer and fasting, I believe it to be the most critical ministry in the church moving forward — especially if we desire to reach and release the next generation of believers. Here are some trends that will encourage every pastor to lean toward designing a powerful generosity ministry.

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COVID 19, Highland Lakes 21. We Win.

That is our unofficial mantra for the summer. Summer at Highland Lakes is quite different when you have no camps or guests around! However, be assured that Director of Operations Rick Porter, Office Manager Sarah Wickersham and myself are quite busy.

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Characteristics of leadership

When you think of Jesus, he was a great leader, wasn’t He? What are some of the characteristics of Jesus’ leadership?

Attracted and equipped people (cities and towns he visited for days, weeks and sometimes even months…invested his life in people)
Found and mentored emerging leaders

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