SCBI Annual Meeting 2020

State Convention of Baptists in Indiana Update:

Your SCBI staff team, convention officers and the Executive Board Administrative Committee have been paying close attention to the current conditions in our state as it relates to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  With upticks in cases in a number of areas in our state and in the Indianapolis area, it has been decided that in the interest of protecting our churches and messengers, this year’s 2020 State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, Annual Meeting has been canceled.

We will do an online report and inspirational moments that we will let you know about very soon.  We regret that it is necessary to make this decision, but it is believed that this will be in the best interest of our churches. 

Be watching the web page for updates about the on-line plans.

In the August SCBI Executive Board meeting, the authority to make this decision was given to the Executive Director, President of the Convention and Chairman of the Board. 

In Christ,



Bobby Pell  
Convention President 


Tom Savage 
Chairman of the Executive Board


Dr. Steve McNeil
Executive Director

From the Executive Director

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