So many Christians try hard but just miss the mark in strategically using social media to be a witness for Christ to their friends and followers. If you want to join the ranks of blowing it royally through your social media account, be sure to do these things:

  • Don’t bother to fact check anything before you post or re-post. Just share anything that seems to fit your current emotional state.
  • Your profile page is the best place to list your top five complaints of today. Be specific!
  • Don’t worry about how it represents Christ and the Church…just think about how your emotions are currently telling you to write today’s 30-character post.
  • Post a great cheesy Christian meme in the morning, then follow it up with your favorite R rated movie quote in the afternoon.
  • Be sure not to let anyone know you’re at church by “checking in” on Facebook on Sunday.
  • Utilize Sunday’s prime time post to critique your pastor, church or small group leader.
  • Start off whatever gossip you want to spread with: “Today I’m praying for…”

Okay, okay, so those are HORRIBLE suggestions! Are you following the awful advice listed above and ruining your chance to be a witness in your community? Instead, why don’t you try doing the exact opposite of this list and choose to “Do all things without arguing or complaining” (like it says in Philippians 2:14) even in your social media encounters. Whatever you do, make sure that your everyday life matches what you are posting and sharing, and think about how your image online will represent Christ. Don’t blow it. Represent Jesus well everywhere you go.