What a tremendous summer we had here at Highland Lakes! Thank you to all who have been praying for the camps; thank you to all of you who volunteered in one form or another at Highland Lakes to help us get ready for the camps; thank you to all of you who helped sponsor students financially either directly through your church or through the Highland Lakes Mission Offering! It is because of your efforts that so many lives have been redirected, transformed, encouraged and added to the kingdom. The impact is forever, and more than you can imagine!

We started camp season by hosting the Falam Christian Church and Pastor Hre Mang and were privileged to watch at the end of the week as over 10 students went into the pool for baptism in obedience to the Lord. During the SCBI camps season, we experienced a summer like never before. Each week was unique; yet each week was an experience in watching the Father work in lives differently than before. The weeks went smoothly; the weather was excellent (mostly); the students were engaged and thoughtful; the atmosphere was conducive to allow the campers to reflect on the message of the Father. There was fun, there was food, there was fellowship, there was friendship. There was a recognition of the way it should be. Each week the campers were challenged to question their hearts and minds and each week they rose to the challenge. Camp pastors spoke boldly to the students about the Gospel, about what it means to surrender and about living as a disciple in a world that is becoming more hostile to His Truth.

Each week more students, leaders and staff left renewed and ready. Each week more campers learned to discover, develop and deploy a transformed life in Christ. Each week they left knowing that, no matter where they go or what they do, they are never alone; and as they go in the strength of the Savior, they can accomplish all that He wants them to accomplish.

And we end this camp season as we started. The last week of camp we were privileged, once again, to see nearly 20 students, this time from Zomi Baptist Church, follow the Lord in baptism in our pool.

It’s enough to even make us want to build a bigger pool.