Christmas. The season of joy. Jesus’ birthday. It is right around the corner!

As believers, we know the real Reason for the season is Jesus. We love to celebrate this season because it holds so much weight and value. This is the day we celebrate our Savior coming to Earth to begin his journey to the cross, which will give us freedom from sin and shame eternally. The chaos of this season can sometimes overshadow the real reason we celebrate and can distract us from the very thing we were put on this earth to do: tell His story.

This Christmas, will you be intentional to share Jesus everywhere you go? Here are some fresh ideas to keep you focused on the gospel this December:

Buy some clear or blank ornaments and decorate them with your favorite Scripture verse. Keep a box of them in your car and as you go throughout your daily routine and give them away to people you encounter—at the gas station, grocery store, your kid’s school program, as you go for a family walk.

Get a stack of invitation cards from your church (or make some yourself) to invite people to your church’s Christmas Eve service or program. So many people are willing to attend a holiday event who might never go to a “church service.”  Who are you inviting?

Have a neighborhood Christmas tea. Invite your neighbors to stop by your home just to celebrate the season together for a few minutes. Present each attendee with a small gift, a card and/or an invitation to your church or small group.

Set a small tree by your front door. As people come to visit over the month of December, snap a quick Polaroid or digital photo of them and hang their photo on the tree. You’ll be surprised at the end of the month how many friends, family, neighbors, delivery men, etc. came to your home throughout the season and how many people you got to talk to about Jesus.

Take time to train your kids how to tell people about Jesus. As simple as telling their teachers and friends that “we celebrate Christmas because this is the day that God came down to us and made a way for us to know Him.”

It’s simple in this season to share Jesus, but it’s also simple to forget to share Him. How will you share Him everywhere you go this Christmas season?