Just One Thing… “Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ” Philippians 1:27 was the focal verse and the overall theme for 2018’s Integris! SCBI MENistry Men’s Conference. Attended by over 170 men from across the state, this year’s retreat and conference provided an opportune time for men to fellowship, encourage and engage in what it means to live life as an all-out follower of Christ.

Friday night once again saw mouthwatering pork barbeque cooked to perfection by the men of Victory Baptist in Clinton. Following dinner, we moved to the Worship Center and were led in worship by Bo Warren, worship director of Immanuel Baptist in Lexington, KY. There is something absolutely powerful and inspiring when over 170 male voices unite together as one in song and praise.

J.T. McCraw, Director of Men’s Ministry at Bethel World Church and president of Be Men Ministries, presented the word. JT brought the challenge both Friday and Saturday in a realistic manner, speaking to men about men, not pulling any punches. On Saturday, breakout sessions were led by some of our own SBC pastors; Michael Cramer, pastor at New Life, Oceola, led a session on Living a Legacy, while Josh Goepfrich, pastor of Warsaw Baptist, challenged us to Live Fit Fiscally and Physically. From Illinois, Tom Cheshire, president of RPM Ministries, encouraged us to think of ways to Live Life as Ministry. Finally, Jim Shields, Highland Lakes Team Leader, relayed a message of Living Life in Teamwork.

Some of the comments from the participants included, “Quality Bible-based retreat for men,” “Speakers were open and honest about their past and struggles,” “Organization of different topics and small groups was very special,” “Reinforced (to me) the fact that our lives are on display at all times,” and “I feel called to action”.

That last comment is one I want to focus on. You see, if all we do is have a good event with good food and good fellowship, we have done only a very small part of the overall goal. The goal of this, and any event of SCBI, is to “call to action”. Encourage our brothers in Christ to get “in the game,” quit going to church, and be the church. For the non-believers who attend, it should be a call to action to surrender and follow Christ. Those of us who are followers should set the example; it should be evident to all who see us that we are different, that we have something that others should want to experience. You see, we know what life is all about…..it’s Just One Thing.

If you did not attend this year’s Conference, take heart….we will have one next year. September
13-14, right here at Highland Lakes. Our theme is “The Oath”; a vow of integrity from Psalm 101. You have a year to prepare—do it. It’s another “call to action.”