God is so good at encouraging us to pray by answering our prayers. As many of you may know, I have been permeating the Muncie Police Department with prayer since 2017. Initially God encouraged me to just pray for them and place a prayer request box in their roll call room. Then God led me to start showing them the Bible – the truth of who God is and what salvation through Jesus Christ is. I mostly pray for their hearts to be opened and prepared for the challenge I hope they hear. I also pray that the Holy Spirit gives me the words to say as they stare at me while I ask them very hard questions. I definitely see God moving.


Recently, one of these young police officers prayed to receive Christ after many conversations. He has noticed an immediate difference in how he reacts and responds to some of the people he deals with on a routine basis. It is very exciting to see him grow in his faith. Another officer recently re-dedicated his life to Jesus and was baptized.


I am currently organizing a small group Bible study for these officers and others that may be interested, knowing that God has big plans. God has blessed me with this ministry and encourages me to keep fighting the good fight and sharing the truth. Trust me, it can be scary facing them before they go out into our dark community; but my love for them drives me to pray, share and support them. God is so good at encouraging me to pray by answering prayers and allowing me to see the miracle of rebirth.  I thank Him every day for allowing me to be a part of building His kingdom.