HEY – IT’S SPRING! And you know what that means…summer camp season is right around the corner! So let me ask you to consider the concept of five days.

A lot can happen in five days. Obviously, we all know that a lot can happen in six days…the world and everything in it was created in six days. But five days…

Five days can, and does, change lives. Five days spent at the resource of Highland Lakes under the guidance of counselors and pastors imparting the love and lessons of Christ changes everything. For in those five days, individuals get away from the routine of the everyday world to come face to face with other lives who have already changed and continue to change. When those individuals connect with others whose lives have changed and they see maybe for the first time what it means to be alive, truly alive…the very soul within quickens. Five days to seek out the soul and to hear from the very Creator of that soul. Five days of rest, of recreation, of encouragement, of challenges, of feeling the presence of the One Who loves us best. Five days, only five days. Yet a life has its course changed, eternity is opened wide, chains are broken, and FREEDOM can be found.

Five days that can impact a life, or lives, that can impact a family, a church, a community, a country…a world that is lost and hurting and needing to hear of true love and change.

Five days. Only five days. And that change can occur on the first day or the fifth day or any day in between.

Five days. Only five days. And yet in those five days is the difference between living, truly living, and mere existence.

Why? Because in those five days the Father speaks into the heart…and we can listen, maybe as we have never listened before.

Give us five days. Give your student five days. Give the Father five days.

Send your student to camp. Volunteer as a chaperone at the camp. Be a leader for your church at the camp.

Only five days. Only a lifetime of difference.