We have been promoting “Who’sYour1?” since the beginning of the year. Pretty soon after we started that promotion, we decided we needed to designate some special days for people to actually bring their one, assuring them that a gospel message would be the total focus on the service. February 24 was our first “Who’s Your One?” Sunday, where we encouraged our congregation to be “soul bringers”. March 3 was billed as “Friend Day,” where the gospel dominated every aspect of the service and actually became the first in a series of apologetics messages for the gospel.

We then decided that we needed to set a date for “Baptism Sunday” as an act of faith that God would give us souls for our labor. The Sunday after Easter (4/28) was designated as “Baptism Sunday.”

I’m so excited to report that we have managed to turn up the evangelistic temperature at Fall Creek to a level that is higher than it’s been in a long time.

We had two people let us know that they could not attend on April 28, but wanted to be baptized. So we baptized them on April 7, while continuing to advertise baptism Sunday for April 28. This coming Sunday, we have SIX MORE scheduled for baptism, five of them are adults who have professed their faith in Jesus and have declared their intention to follow Him in baptism this Sunday!

This has worked so well for us, we will be following this plan leading up to August 25 and December 22 as Baptism Sundays at Fall Creek. August 25 will allow us to capture any evangelistic momentum from VBS that we get. December 22 will allow us to capture the momentum from our Fall outreach events & evangelistic emphases.

I believe intentionality and planning for conversions and asking God to save souls by name is helping us see His hand at work in our midst.