By Jennifer Hall

This year the Baptist Foundation awarded nine students pursuing vocational ministry with scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year. Each scholarship was made possible because of generous donors, many of whom gave years ago and are now with the Lord. Although some donated large sums, many gave what they had towards the general scholarship fund. Their sacrificial gifts provide annual income that is allocated for qualified Indiana students preparing for ministry.

Please pray for this year’s recipients. Pray also that God would continue to lead people to donate funds for His continuing work.

Member, Redeemer Church, Jeffersonville
Received $1,100 towards Master of Divinity studies at SBTS

Being a recipient of the BFI Scholarship, encourages me to work even harder in school, knowing that God’s provision comes in the form of sacrificial giving. This gift impacts my current ministries now and the future plans to pastor in rural or underserved areas of America, to the glory of God alone.

Pastor, Warsaw Baptist Church, Warsaw
Received $1,100 towards Master of Divinity studies at SBTS


Receiving this scholarship provides education and the ability to lead the church better. I am eternally grateful that God uses what He is teaching me to help shepherd others. All praise and glory to the name of Jesus Christ.

Worship Pastor, First Baptist Church, Charlestown
Received $1,100 towards Master of Arts in Worship studies at SBTS


I chose to pursue a worship leadership degree at Southern Seminary because of my passion for music, but also out of the conviction for learning and steeping myself in the Word of God. Southern Seminary values a high level of musicianship and a great knowledge of the Word with a high view of Scripture

“Missionary Kid” from Oak Park Baptist Church, Jeffersonville
Received $1,100 towards undergraduate studies at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois


My family currently serves as career missionaries overseas. Since there are seven other people in my family, I am largely dependent on scholarships and grants to fund my higher education. I am incredibly grateful to receive this scholarship as it relieves a portion of my financial burden.



Pastor of Fort Wayne Korean Church, Fort Wayne

Received $5,000 towards Master of Divinity studies at SBTS

This chance to study, owing to your great help, made me step up for spiritual revival. God has led me in many ways, which look impossible to me. He always wants me to focus on His will, not my will. I wanted to study in the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, but it was not possible. In October 2018, I received an acceptance letter, but there was no means of sponsorship. Although I had to defer my first-semester to August 2019, I believed God would make a way in the right time. I am eternally grateful to God and the donor with the Scholarship Committee. God has shown me a new beginning.

Associate Pastor for Youth & Children, First Baptist Church, Charlestown
Received $1,100 towards Master of Divinity studies at SBTS


This scholarship will be a great help to me and my soon-to-be-wife as I continue training for a future ministry in the pastorate or in the mission field. The knowledge and training I will continue to receive at SBTS will enrich my ministry to others in the Church for years and years to come. To God be the glory!

Pastor, Redeemed Community Church, Fairland
Received $1,100 towards Master of Apologetics studies at SBTS


One of my biggest challenges has been paying for my education while planting a church and taking care of a young family of four. Your financial contribution is a huge blessing for my family and is much needed for the timely completion of my degree. A quality and comprehensive theological education is so important for the challenges pastors and churches face in the 21st century. This scholarship will give me the opportunity to complete my education this coming year.

Member & Deacon, True Vine Baptist Church, Ferdinand
Received $1,100 towards Master of Divinity studies at SBTS


Jessica and I are very thankful for this scholarship. We are expecting our first son in July so this gift is very much appreciated. We look forward to using my seminary education to take the gospel to the nations. Jessica and I have been serving at Baxter Avenue Church in Louisville, Kentucky, focusing on outreach and discipleship.

Member, City View Church, Avon
Received $300 towards undergraduate studies at Boyce College


I am very grateful for this scholarship as it supports my goals to reach the world with the gospel. Boyce will provide for me a deep theological foundation to engage the world through the Communication skills, while being edified in a community of like-minded students. I am so grateful to be a recipient of your generosity and desire to be the best steward of your gift as I can possibly be.