By Sarah Bohrer

Mission Adventure Camp is one of my favorite weeks of the summer! Why you may ask? There are so many reasons!

Kids hear the Word every day, several times a day. This year’s camp pastor was Mark Ayers – a pastor in Tell City who is also a cartoonist. He brought his talent to camp and used it to encourage kids to believe in Christ and share with their friends about this awesome friend that they have. If you have a need for a speaker for children, contact the state office for his information.

Counselors who have never led anyone to Christ lead kids in their cabin to know HIM. The look on a counselor’s face after they have led a child to Christ is one of the sweetest parts of camp. Even sweeter is the look on the child’s face who has a newfound faith and excitement to share with their family and friends. One counselor told me that she had been praying all year that a particular child would come to camp, and she was able to lead that child to Christ.

Kids spent time with a missionary who is working in the field, sharing the gospel right now! The kids asked questions, learned how to speak and sing in the missionary’s language, prayed for the people and gave an offering of over $500 to help kids from the area that the missionary serves.

Kids and adults made friends that last a lifetime. The counselors that come to camp with the kids are some of the best people I know! We have moms and dads, teachers, nurses, pastors, grandpas. One of my favorites is Tom who is over 70 and has come to camp for eight years. He hands out thank you notes to counselors and staff, thanking them for making a difference in his life and the lives of kids.

Camp is awesome for so many reasons! It is life changing for every person that steps on the camp property. If your church does not send kids to camp, start planning right now to bring your kids to camp next summer. You will thank God for the experience just like Tom!