Equipping your student for a life well-lived. What are some things you can do?

Do you want to make certain that the student you have who is either getting ready to graduate high school or attending college will make large amounts of money this summer? Do you want him/her to spend hours at a time this summer in an atmosphere that will constantly encourage him/her to embrace and celebrate the current cultural climate of the world? If so, then disregard the rest of this article.

However, if you would like to encourage your student to spend their summer in an atmosphere where they are responsible for caring for others, making decisions that will directly impact their own lives and the lives of others, and be immersed in a leader-centric and Christ focused culture, then please have them consider serving this summer as a Summer Missionary at Highland Lakes Baptist Camp.

Spending summer as a Summer Missionary will give them an opportunity to grow in leadership, experience true teamwork, and accept responsibility in ways that cannot happen elsewhere. Servant leadership abounds here; life changing encounters with the Father happen monthly, weekly, daily.  Here, your student will become better prepared to face the world he/she will encounter in the next semester of education. Here, the foundation that you have endeavored to instill in your student will be built upon and re-enforced. Here, your student will find tools, resources, guidance, friendship and Followship that will equip them for the future; for a life to be well lived.

The work is exhausting; the financial reward is minimal; the experience in growth is extraordinary. We don’t pay well; we build well-because we serve as a resource for others to Discover, Develop, and Deploy a Transformed Life in Christ.

Please have your students consider Highland Lakes this summer. Have them go to www.highlandlakes.org and fill out the application for acceptance to the unique Fellowship of the SuMo (Summer Missionary). With their application and their pastor’s endorsement, they could be a part of something incredible this summer.