By John Horn


Why Continue Adult Discipleship?

  1. Jesus commands us to continually make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).  The church has done this throughout the ages–regardless of the challenges she has faced.
  1. We need each other.  The Bible says not to neglect gathering together (even if that’s online, see Hebrews 10:24-25). Hurting people face isolation, disruption of routine, anxiety and uncertainty now.
  1. This crisis provides unprecedented opportunity. Hurting people will often participate online with a group before they’ll visit a church.  Encourage your members to start new groups with their friends!

How to Continue Adult Discipleship?

  1. Sunday School or Small Group meetings online.


  1. Email.
    • Send a lesson at the beginning of the week and encourage personal study (can use questions from the pastor’s sermon, free LifeWay curriculum for adults or kids–see above resources).
    • Encourage members to “reply all” and carry on discussions throughout the week.
    • Continue to send messages to group members throughout the week for follow up.


  1. Snail mail devotionals and Bible studies to those who don’t have internet access.


  1. Use Group texts to encourage discipleship.


  1. Have a conference call to discuss your group Bible study.


  1. One on One Discipleship.
    • Can meet using one of the above online formats to encourage one another in your spiritual growth, and to be prayer partners.


  1. Family Discipleship.
    • Scripture teaches its importance in Deuteronomy 6:5-7.
    • Family time at dinner is a great discipleship opportunity!
    • Have family worship together.  Read the Bible, pray and sing.  Use some of the above resources for adults, youth and kids to discuss with each other.
    • See Donald Whitney’s book on Family Worship for ideas.


  1. Personal Discipleship.
    • Isolated time provides opportunities for personal Bible study, meditation, and solitude.
    • Pastors can provide personal devotionals on their website or through online formats.
    • Listen to Christian podcasts and music.

Remember: Just because we can’t go to the church building now doesn’t mean that we can’t accomplish the church’s mission of making disciples, experiencing authentic community, and reaching a hurting world with the Good News of Christ!  For free pdf about how to host online groups, or for Zoom training meetings for your leaders, email John Horn at