Each election season, we hear questions related to how churches can engage. What can be said and done by churches and pastors between now and November?

If you are interested in knowing what your church’s rights are when it comes to the 2020 election, we’d recommend a new, free resource.

Five Things to Know: A Legal Guide for Churches is an easy read that will help your church leadership as it navigates decisions related to election season.

This legal guide gives an overview of five of the broadest areas of interest: sermons and speech, voter education, use of church facilities, lobbying, and gifts and money. After reviewing the guide, you will have more insight into how your church, and your church’s pastor, can and cannot engage.

Our partner ADF Church Alliance has produced this guide and makes it available as a free download here. 

As a partner of ADF Church Alliance, the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana helped enable the production of this guide. We hope this is a blessing to you and your church in the coming months.

[Download the Guide]