Have you had legal questions over the past couple months? Questions like…

“What are the limits to the government’s power over the church right now?”

“Is my church being treated fairly?”

“What are my rights – what can we do?”

In the COVID-19 world we are living in, answers to those questions depend on so many factors.

If you move forward without legal counsel, it could put your ministry at risk.

Or you could know your legal options, and proceed with confidence when leading the church God has called you to.

Among other benefits, ADF Church Alliance members have access to experienced religious freedom attorneys.

That doesn’t mean these churches get a scripted response or form letter when they submit a request.

It means that when you have a religious freedom question, as an ADF Church Alliance member, you are advised by an ADF attorney. It means ADF Church Alliance members have answers and peace of mind. 

We invite you to consider ADF Church Alliance membership – your church will benefit from having this legal advocate – especially in this uncertain time. You may be familiar with this organization – SCBI has been partnering with ADF Church Alliance for over a year. You also heard from their Director for Indiana, Harrison Smith, during our recent webinar on 5/13/20 which can be seen HERE (INSERT recording).

Because our goal is that you lead God’s church with confidence – in these times and in the days to come – we’ve made this membership even more affordable through our partnership with ADF. Your church can get 20% off of the annual membership fee (use promo code SCBI20).

  1. Submit your 5-minute application (enter code SCBI20 for discount)
  2. Ask religious freedom legal questions without paying any fee beyond membership dues
  3. Get answers from ADF attorneys

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