Do you remember the show Home Improvement? The show starred Tim Allen as “Tim the Toolman Taylor” who hosted a local television show called “Tool Time.” I loved this show. The premise of Tool Time was to teach viewers about basic DIY and how to select the right tool (usually a Binford) for the job at hand.

One of the tasks given to the local church is to raise up and send out biblically qualified pastors, planters, and missionaries. Paul instructs Titus to seek out qualified men and appoint them as elders. He instructs Timothy to “entrust [sound doctrine] to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.” In light of Paul’s instruction, how are you, and your local church, seeking to identify and instruct your members to live out the Gospel with intentionality? How often are your members challenged to consider the Lord’s calling upon their life?

I want to commend a tool to you, and no it is not from Binford…but it is powerful. The tool is the Multiplication Pipeline. The Pipeline provides the tools necessary to assess and develop ministry leaders and potential church planters. Each participant will receive specific training through reading, video instruction, reflection and coaching. 

The content of the pipeline is presented through online modules that allow participants to work through the material at whatever pace you determine. The training is broken down into three distinct levels:

  1. The goal of L1 is to develop individuals in their spiritual formation, biblical knowledge and missional living to become a stronger disciple. 
  2. L2 is intended to advance a disciple into missional leadership and disciple-making while also exploring a call to church planting as a planter or team member. 
  3. L3 is designed to help potential planters prepare for assessment and explore methods and models of church planting. 

If you purchase a new tool one of the things you will find in the owner’s manual is a list of things this tool is not intended to do. The Multiplication Pipeline is a tremendous tool, but there are some needs it is not intended to meet. For example, the Pipeline is not intended to be … 

  1. A Bible Study – While the tools integrate and teach biblical principles the primary purpose is not biblical instruction but training based upon biblical principles.
  2. Ministry-specific Training: While Pipeline training can help develop missional leaders who serve in any area of ministry, it is not intended to develop skills in any specific area of ministry.

Similar to a garage full of tools it is important that the tool you choose is the best one for the work at hand. For the task of discovering, developing and deploying ministry leaders and missionaries this is a tremendous tool. Can you drive a nail with a wrench? Perhaps…but it sure would be a lot easier with a hammer.


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