The State Convention of Baptists in Indiana’s Committee on Order of Business met on August 20th to discuss this year’s convention meeting.  After about an hour of discussion, the committee came to the following decisions.  These actions we believe will help us conduct a safe and secure meeting that abides by our by-laws and will allow us to conduct the work of our convention of churches.

The committee – is made up of the following convention leaders

  • Convention President – Bobby Pell
  • Convention 1st Vice President – Josh Goephrich
  • Convention Executive Board Vice Chairman – Dr. John Newland
  • Host Church Pastor – Daniel Berry
  • Executive Director – Dr. Steve McNeil
  • Team Leader for Church/Leader Development – Bob Weeks
  • Team Leader for Highland Lakes – Jim Shields
  • Team Leader for Church Planting – Nate Millican
  • Team Leader for Business Services – Kyle Brennan
  • Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director – Alison Blankenship
  • Administrative Assistant to Church/Leader Development – Terah Adams
  • Media Director – Greg Cooper


Place – The decision was made to move the meeting from Calvary BC, West Lafayette, to Highland Lakes Camp.  The reason was to not put Calvary Church in the position of possible negative impact in their community should a Covid outbreak of any kind be traced back to the convention meeting.  It will be recommended by the Arrangements Committee that we meet at Calvary BC next year.

Schedule – The decision was also made to adjust the schedule from two days to one.  The normal schedule would have been the evening session on Monday and a morning session on Tuesday morning.  The committee believes that for this year and under these circumstances we can celebrate what God is doing in the midst of our circumstances and do that on Monday from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM with a break for lunch and then begin at 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM and conclude.

We hope this will allow those who are comfortable and desire to be part of the convention to do so through this abbreviated schedule.

Safety – The committee discussed all of the things that each of you in our local churches are dealing with each week.  It was concluded that face masks will be evaluated as we get closer to the date of October 19.  If the meeting was today, we would expect messengers and guests to wear a mask. By October 19, that may change and we will adjust as we need to.  If anything we are experiencing these days, it is flexibility.

The Highland Lakes Worship Center will be the site of the convention and the chairs will be set up for social distancing.

Meals – Do to the circumstances it was decided to not have any meals on-site and the only meal that is affected by the schedule would lunch on Monday.  The most probable option will be that everyone can go into Plainfield, Mooresville and Martinsville for lunch.  We are working on one possibility for a food truck to be on-site and that would be available to those who wanted to buy their own lunch and stay on the campgrounds.

Pastors Conference – It was also decided that there would not be the traditional Pastors Conference on Monday and that other options will be discussed to accomplish the opportunity to encourage our pastors.

Childcare – For several reasons, we will not provide child care this year.  One reason is obvious with the issues around Covid.  Another reason, to be honest, is that those using the child care option is so small that it hardly merits providing the space and workers.

Exhibits Area – We will not have the exhibit area this year for the same reasons as above. We have also had a number of usual groups that would be here say they are not doing so this year.

Please register today and make your plans on attending.  The Lord is working in our churches through this opportune time in which we live.  Pray for each other and let’s gather together to encourage one another. Heb 3:13


If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to someone on the committee.