Notification of proposed changes to the SCBI By-laws.  The following were approved by the Executive Board during the March and the August board meetings.

  1. The Executive Board recommends that this change be approved, to clarify the spirit of convention officers who are nominated and elected to serve the convention for one consecutive two-year term in the same office.
    1. Article 8 Part B Section 1
      1. Current wording: “(2) No elected officer may serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.”
      2. Proposed wording: “(2) The President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President may not serve more than two elected terms in the same office, and this will end their service for SCBI in this role which encourages others to participate in the future.”
  • Wording that does not change. “All elected officers shall be nominated separately and elected separately. Election shall be by secret ballot or taken via voice when there is a single nominee for an office. On such an occasion, the President shall instruct the Secretary to cast one unanimous ballot for that particular nominee. A majority of votes cast shall be required for election to any office. If a runoff election becomes necessary, only the names of the two persons receiving the most votes on the first ballot shall be eligible for election on the second ballot.


  1. The Executive Board recommends that this change be approved, to clarify how committee members are selected to serve on the SCBI Nominating Committee for our boards and committees as spelled out in the by-laws. The current and proposed wording goes just before the existing wording that does not change.
    1. Article 8 Part B Section 10
      1. Current wording: “(10) The Nominations Committee consisting of one person from each associational area shall be appointed by the President at least four months prior to the Annual Meeting.”
      2. Proposed wording: “(10) The Nominations Committee shall consist of at least 10 people from different associational areas across Indiana with a maximum of 14 people (this could be one person from each associational area).  The goal is to achieve the best possible participation from every association.” 
  • Wording that does not change: “The President shall appoint the committee at least four months prior to the Annual Meeting. Its duties shall be to nominate members for the Executive Board, Convention committees, the Indiana Baptist Foundation Board and other nominations as may be referred to it by the Convention.”
  1. The Executive Board recommends that this change be approved, to adjust the number of members on the Executive Board. The intent of this recommendation is lower the total number of board members for budget considerations and to address some issues with associations that have not been able to fill their places on the board. It should also be noted that members of the Executive Board are NOT representatives of their associational area, but members of the SCBI board, an autonomous body just as the local association and local church are also autonomous. The association does not select their “representative,” the SCBI Nominating Committee does that with the desire to have voices from all of our associational areas.
    1. Article IX, Section 1. Membership

Wording that remains the same: (1) The Executive Board of this Convention shall be determined by the following criteria, based on number of churches and church plants in an associational area:

Current wording:

      Up to 20    – two board members

      21-40         – three board members

      41-60         – four board members

      61-80         – five board members

      81+            – six board members

Proposed wording:

1-15 churches shall have 1 board member

16-30 churches shall have 2 board members

31-60 churches shall have 3 board members

61+ churches shall have 4 board members

At-large churches shall have the same number as above, based on the total number of At-large churches.