The following brief comments are intended to let you know what is happening with your State Convention. I hope that you will take some time and view the videos that are available on our website to give you further information from your SCBI convention President, Executive Board Chairman, Executive Director, the staff team reports and entity video updates. Find them here


Convention Update –

Staff update –

  1. Our Team Leader for Church Planting, Dr. Nate Millican is making a transition. He is not going anywhere, just adjusting his responsibilities. He will be on the staff of the Graceland BC as a full-time pastor, as Teaching Pastor and Discipleship. He continues to work with our partnership with the North American Mission Board as the Team Leader for Church Planting and will be giving oversight to our Send Indiana network. He continues to lead our Planting Team made up of Jesus Pacheco, Doug Jividen and Scott McDowell.
  2. Long time, faithful administrative assistant, Mary Brown is retiring from her work with SCBI as of Dec 31, 2020. We will be celebrating her years of service during our annual staff Christmas Party. I would love it if you would email her or send her a card of thanks for her dependable work with our team. Her position is being transitioned with Carol Houpt filling that spot. We have been in good hands here and we will continue that trust with a wonderful, faithful lady to take the reins of Mary’s work.

Lottie Moon and End of year giving

This has been a challenging year for everyone with Covid-19. It has disrupted everyone’s life and the ministry of our churches. I want to thank all of you pastors for the faithful way that you and your churches have continued to make it a priority to give through the Cooperative Program this year. Our giving is slightly down from our budget, but we have managed our resources well, and we are not in a financial problem. Thank you, Thank YOU for giving to the CP.

Remember that this year is the 175th anniversary of the International Mission Board. I encourage you and your church to give to Lottie Moon like never before. Let’s continue to send missionaries all across our world. May the Lord bless you and your ministry as you serve HIM.