Greetings, one and all, from Highland Lakes—Your Camp and Conference Center!

Last summer at Highland Lakes was…lonely. We missed all the excitement of students, counselors and pastors from across the state coming and experiencing ways to Discover, Develop and Deploy a Transformed Life in Christ; but…last year is BEHIND US, and we LOOK FORWARD to the coming summer!! We are open for your church or fellowship to book some time away from everything else.

It’s time now for you to consider being a part of the Highland Lakes difference! Why? Because it’s time to get moving forward and become more involved, more encouraged, more passionate about what the Father is doing in and around us! A week of camp or a weekend of conference here at Highland will enable you to regain, restore, reinvigorate your relationship with Christ as He empowers you to “be the difference” that your church, your community, your world is so desperately needing. Some things you should know:

  • We plan to have camps. The camps will be different than any other year, but we plan to have camps. There will be more open space; there will be different schedules; there will be smaller numbers on campus (hopefully that will change as the pandemic restrictions decrease).
  • We are and will be doing everything we can to make certain that Highland Lakes is “Covid sensitive” in all of our endeavors. We have plans in place to address most CDC guidelines and concerns.
  • We look forward to doing what we do best – providing an atmosphere that encourages you to “go deeper” in your walk with Christ.

We are excited to be moving forward with plans for the coming year and beyond! We are excited that some things are different here at Highland Lakes and that how we do things might be a little different than in former years…but get used to different!. As a matter of fact, come out to Highland Lakes and Experience the Difference (2 Corinthians 5:17)!

Excited for today; excited for this summer; excited to see you here; excited to see how the Father is going to do great things differently!