2021—The Difference! The difference between open and closed; between guests and no guests; between camps and no camps; between light and dark. This year, the summer of 2021, is the summer of Difference at Highland Lakes. We are excited to welcome back our campers, our staff, our Summer Missionaries (SuMos) and the Campers on Mission! What a joy to have our partners in ministry, Campers on Mission, back and getting the camp physically ready and be-a-utified!

Campers on Mission from Indiana and Kentucky have been on the grounds from May 16th through May 29th, and they are, as always, a great blessing for the camp. Under the direction of Director of Operations Rick Porter, these volunteers have once again transformed ideas of projects into realities of substance! They work tirelessly from early morning to early evening; they fellowship with each other and with the staff; they follow a King who served, and so they gladly do the same. I cannot express fully the amount of gratitude, and awe, that I have for these brothers and sisters in Christ as they continue to bless the camp in so many ways. Many ways are observable, you can see with your own eyes the projects they have accomplished; but many ways are unseen—their constant prayers, their constant encouragement, their constant laughter. I count it an honor and privilege to count these ambassadors of Christ’s love as my friends and partners in the mission of helping others to Discover, Develop and Deploy a Transformed Life in Christ.

So, before that first camper steps onto the Holy grounds of Highland Lakes, these steadfast servants have already contributed to the Difference of 2021, in order that those who come here may experience the Difference of a life surrendered to Christ.

Thank you, Indiana and Kentucky Campers on Mission, for who you are and Who you serve.

Most sincerely and thankfully,

Jim Shields, Team Leader for Highland Lakes