In spite of experiencing a global pandemic in 2020, BFI finished the year financially strong – with a growth of assets under management to over $8 million and 150 investments. We have seen God’s hand in every area of the Foundation, and we are thankful for His ongoing provision.

Transition in staff, but not in service or mission

As you may have read in the Indiana Baptist, both Jennifer and Bev are led to step down from their positions with BFI. There were no issues or failures that prompted these decisions – only God’s hand at work in what we see as an exciting time for the Foundation to move to the next level. Careful consideration is being made to assure BFI will function successfully during the transition.

Jennifer is working with the Board of 12 men and women serving the Foundation, along with SCBI leadership, to implement interim leadership and possibly form strategic partnerships with other Baptist Foundations in the future. These types of partnerships could bring exciting new features and services to what you already enjoy from the Foundation – online access, increased estate planning services, in-house legal counsel. The hope is to combine administrative resources and allow our leadership to focus on building relationships and ministry opportunities.

There are a few things that you can know for sure:

  1. There will be no interruption in our service – Bev is staying through August and Jennifer through the transition of an interim president.
  2. Our current product offerings will remain the same.
  3. The Foundation is financially healthy and continues to experience growth.
  4. There were no issues or failures that prompted our decisions – only God’s hand at work in what we can see as an exciting time for the Foundation.

Jennifer’s Story

June 1, 2021 marks my 6th year as president of the Foundation. It has been my great honor and pleasure to serve in this role. It has been a joy to meet and work with God’s people, facilitating good stewardship of His resources. Yet I have a deep sense that the Lord is moving me to other challenges and that He has greater plans for BFI. During the past six years, we implemented new software, rebranded marketing materials, reviewed and revised bylaws, reorganized Board committees, examined and consolidated some trust funds, created a loan loss reserve and much more. Our assets under management have increased dramatically, while expenses have stayed near the same. God has been faithful in His provision even during the pandemic!

Late in 2020, I began sensing the Lord leading me in another direction professionally. I have loved my time at the Foundation, but feel it is time to pass the baton to new leadership, who can take BFI to the next level. On April 1, 2021, I announced to our Executive Committee that I plan to transition out of my role as president and have agreed to serve until the end of summer 2021.