By: John Burke
Rethink Ministry
CEO and Founder

What next? Over the last 18 months, churches across the nation have scrambled to be something that they have never been before. But if we believe that “all things work together for good to them that love God” (Rom 8:28), then good is on the horizon.

Now we are faced with how to prepare for a new future. Many churches had already developed growth strategies that included renovations, expansions and relocations. But where do those plans fit today?

You will find answers to this and many other questions at the Church Building Conferences scheduled in Evansville on August 16, and in Indianapolis on August 18. The Baptist Foundation of Indiana is sponsoring these two events.

These conferences will focus on six major concerns that growing churches are facing.

The first session will look at where you are, and help you evaluate where you believe God is leading. It will help you take your vision to the next level by showing you the platforms needed to reach your vision.

Session two will show you how a VisonCast can help you analyze your facilities by thinking about your ministry needs, balance of space, and financial possibilities. It will help you look at how to master plan your property for the future.

The architectural and engineering segment will help you consider design development, the important balance needed for working within local building codes and selecting a contractor. It will explain the pros and cons between the design/build versus architect/contractor concepts.

The conference will also deal with the construction process for your project from site development to construction to inspection and move-in. It will look at value engineering and volunteer labor.

Of course, no project should be undertaken without considering the cost. The church should never tackle a project that will make the debt program the main program. Ministry is what grows the church, not a building.  The question of feasibility, how much you can afford, will be a prime topic at the event. It will look at loan affordability, bank lending, capital campaigns, and bonds versus loans, to prepare you for the financial concerns around your project.

Additionally, the topic of legacy giving will be addressed. Many church families have financial resources other than their disposable income that can be given to the church in lump sum or over a period of years. This topic will include wills, trusts, and other forms of giving. It will look at the services of the Baptist Foundation of Indiana and how they can partner with your church.

Each conference will begin at 8:30 AM and conclude by 3:30 PM. You will hear from experts in their field on all these subjects and have ample time for questions about your specific needs.

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