As I write this article, we are halfway through our camp season. What a complete joy it is to be back, even though it is at a more limited capacity than in past years. Being back at the business of being a resource to others to Discover, Develop, and Deploy a Transformed Life in Christ is exhilarating! Thank you for sending your students, for sending your counselors, for sending your pastors to be part of one of the reasons why SCBI exists: to cooperate in building the kingdom by investing in our youth! But it’s not just about the youth; you are investing in the lives of current and future pastors and missionaries, and in turn, investing in the lives of countless thousands across the state.

It’s part of the reason we are SCBI; we are better together. We do things that move the needle of evangelism toward True North; we care for each other and for the growth of the Kingdom. It’s why we as Southern Baptists give through the Cooperative Program. As you give through the Cooperative Program, you are partnering with churches across the state not only to have an impact internationally in missions, or nationally in church planting and seminary institutions; you are also having an impact right here in Indiana. By attending a week of camp or a weekend retreat, campers get away from the world and focus on time with the Father. And if you want to see concrete, physical evidence of how your investment is doing, please come and visit your camp! Better yet, come bring your students and be a part of one of the SCBI camps; experience the joy of what camp is all about. It’s not just about the excitement, the music, the fun, the friendships; it is so much more than that. It is about eternal decisions; finding and knowing the Truth; developing a servant’s heart; preparing for the Adventure that the Father has in store. When you give through the Cooperative Program, you are investing in kingdom growth right here in your backyard, with your sister churches in your own state!

When you give through the Cooperative Program, Highland Lakes receives the finances it needs to carry on its mission. We are not completely self-sufficient; just under two-thirds of the costs to operate your camp is met through fees brought in. What we lack in fees is covered by your Cooperative Program giving, and donations. After all, we are brick and mortar (and trees and hills and open spaces and deer and ….), so there are ongoing expenses that must be met. There are always projects and improvements to be made, and we accomplish those because of your generous giving and donations. For over ten years, we have made great strides in the physical upkeep and improvements of the camp, without having to go into debt. Thank you!

On behalf of the Highland Lakes team, the students who come to camp, the churches that book retreats, the pastors who get a chance to get away for a while, thank you. Thank you for making this all possible, for your investment in partnering with us to help others find their “next step” in their walk with Christ. The “next step” in discovering, developing, or deploying a transformed life in Christ.

Jim Shields
Team Leader, Highland Lakes