I can’t overstate the gift that friends have been in my life. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate or value friendships in the past it’s just more of me coming to an understanding deep in my soul that I would not/will not make it without friends. Read that sentence again. I mean it.

Friendships are a gift of Jesus that has been an anchor for my soul, first among them is my bride. Tim Keller is right: marriage can truly be described and understood best as friendship between a man and a woman.

To that end, here are five truths concerning a portrait of friendship I wanted to pass on. These are taken from the letter of Philippians (in the New Testament of the Bible), specifically in chapter 1, verses 3-11 as Charles Stone recounts in his book, “Every Pastor’s First 180 Days: How to Start and Stay Strong in a New Church Job.”

  1. A good friend will remember the best about you.
  2. A good friend will give his or her best to you.
  3. A good friend will encourage the best in you.
  4. A good friend will pray the best for you.
  5. A good friend will expect the best from you.

My life is full and it’s full for many reasons. One reason is the presence of good friends. I hope you can say without any hesitation, “I indeed have good friends.” If not, perhaps you could start asking Jesus to provide a good friend or two for your soul.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash