Happy New Year! That’s how it is supposed to go, right? Then the next thing we do is set out resolutions for our health, family, and work life. This is designed to help us achieve everything that we want for the new year. But what if we, as believers, are looking at this all wrong?

What if we do not start the year with resolutions, but start and continue 2022 by making this a year of prayer? What if we prayed for our own sanctification? What if we prayed fervently for our families? What if we prayed that our churches would know the love of God and walk worthy of our calling in Christ? What if we prayed for the lost, begging God for their salvations with fear and trembling, knowing they are destined for the Lake of Fire? What if we prayed in adoration to our awesome God? What if we prayed praises to our Lord? What if we prayed both corporately and individually in confession? What if we prayed that the people of God would act like Jesus? What if?

My earnest hope for us this year is that we prayed like our lives and those around us depended on it. Because, friends, it does. We need to become houses of prayer. I am not talking about our church buildings, but the temple of the Holy Spirit, yes, you and me. We must become houses of prayer. We must engage with our Father in adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication.

Can you imagine with me what would happen if we made prayer a priority in our lives, in our families, and in our churches in 2022? Now, let’s stop imagining and make prayer the priority. Here is my challenge to us this year:

  1. Commit to start each day in prayer for five (5) minutes and grow that as the Lord leads throughout the year.
  2. Commit to giving seven (7) minutes dedicated only to prayer in your main worship services this year and include a multitude of people leading.

If you are willing to take on that challenge, please email me so I can pray with you in this. Then, be sure to keep me updated on what you see God doing throughout the year.

May this year be filled with blessings for you,

Rev. Joshua Goepfrich
Pastor, Hilltop Community Church
President, SCBI