Sustainable: “able to last or continue for a long time” (Merriam-Webster)

Our new strategy: Partnering with churches to discover and fulfill their next steps. 

The steps in this strategy: Clarify the next step; Collaborate for the most effective plan; Coach throughout implementation; Celebrate success!

Quick note: Over the next few months, I will be explaining various parts of our new strategy in these Indiana Baptist articles. Additionally, we’ll make a concerted effort when it is fully developed to go around the state and explain it to our churches for clarity. Please be praying for our Denominee Future Team who is helping develop much of this strategy and for the SCBI staff as we learn and adjust to it. 

It’s sustainable because the focus is on “their” next steps. 

The SCBI exists for our churches and God is already working in them! We want to prioritize our churches by not pushing the latest trendy program, but catalyzing the work He is already doing. 

It’s sustainable because it is more relational and less programmatic.

A convention cannot hold up a list of programs and expect all churches to come and get it. Our churches are diverse and God is working through them in unique ways to reach their communities. Churches become disconnected from their convention when they see no use for the programs it offers, greatly hindering cooperation. A more relational approach emphasizes God’s unique activity and seeks to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in a specific church.

Our staff will develop and maintain certain systems like Church Health, SEND Network Indiana (church planting), etc. These systems can change based upon our churches’ needs, but the strategy of partnering with churches to discover and fulfill their next steps is a long-term strategy since Jesus will always be working in and through our churches. 

It’s sustainable because it utilizes leaders from around Indiana.

The SCBI staff will be leading this strategy, but other pastors and ministry leaders will be involved in keeping strong connections and partnerships with our churches. We will be activating these leaders, called networkers, to help serve our churches. The strategy is not solely dependent on or limited by our state staff. We may never be able to hire an “expert” for every ministry area on our state staff, but we can activate other strong leaders in those ministry areas throughout our state so that churches are serving churches. Utilizing other leaders allows us to expand our skillsets and resources and allows us to actively partner with and serve more churches. 

The SCBI is here for our churches. Thank you for serving faithfully. I’m excited to forge fruitful partnerships as we see the gospel of Christ proclaimed throughout Indiana!