Bi-vocational Pastors and Wives Retreat
SCBI appreciates and cares about our bi-vocational pastors and their families. This year we will host our first Bi-vocational Pastors and Wives Retreat on March 25-26 at Highland Lakes Camp. The theme of the event will be “Encouraging Ministry Couples in Challenging Times,” and will feature Joe and Pennie Wright as our guest speakers. Joe is the Executive Director of the Bivocational and Small Church Leadership Network in Tennessee (see their website at for more info and free resources), and Pennie brings valuable experience as the wife of a bi-vocational pastor; together they led 17 conferences for bi-vocational pastors and wives across the SBC last year. On Friday evening Joe will lead a large-group session for pastors and wives; on Saturday morning Joe will lead breakout sessions for the pastors, and Pennie will lead breakout sessions for the wives. The cost for the event will be $110 per couple if you register on March 2-18. We hope you’ll participate in this opportunity for enrichment, for making friends with others in ministry, and for receiving free ministry books worth $199. Register now at


Pastors’ High Impact Leadership Lab (H.I.L.L.)
This annual event on May 2-4 at Highland Lakes Camp will address “Effective Pastoral Leadership in Changing Times.”  It has been re-designed for all SCBI Pastors and Pastoral Staff—even if you have attended the H.I.L.L. in previous years. Our main speaker will be Dr. Michael Wilder. As current Dean of the School of Education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, he has previously served as an SCBI Pastor, professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, author of The God Who Goes Before You: Pastoral Leadership as Christ-Centered Followership, and Leadership Equipping Team Leader at Southeastern Indiana Baptist Association. The H.I.L.L. will also feature Dr. Shane Parker (Professor of Leadership at SWBTS), and SCBI’s Dr. Ryan Strother as speakers. In addition to the speakers, you will enjoy networking with other SCBI pastors, and enjoy fellowship opportunities with them (including attending an Indianapolis Indians baseball game on Tuesday night). The cost is $150 (less expensive than last year) if you register by April 1; cost increases to $190 after that date. Register now at


SCBI-NAMB Evangelism Funds Are Still Available for 2022
Many of our churches and collegiate ministries have requested these funds in 2021-2022, and we have heard exciting reports about what God is doing through their evangelism projects! Funds are still available for those who haven’t made their requests yet…

What are the criteria for requesting funds?

  1. An evangelism project must present the gospel to unbelievers and generate opportunities for Gospel conversations, must provide an opportunity for people to respond to the Gospel, and must implement a plan to follow up those who make decisions/express interest. Examples: block parties, evangelistic rallies, projects to serve the community where the Gospel is shared, etc.
  2. Note: These funds are not intended to be used for new equipment for churches or collegiate ministries, paying church staff, for making church building improvements, for paying for church or collegiate mission trips, etc.
  3. SCBI has a Church Request Form and Collegiate Request Form available now for download at This form must be fully completed and emailed to If approved by the SCBI Staff, the funds will be requested from NAMB and forwarded by SCBI to the requesting church in approximately 30 days.
  4. After the project, the church must submit to SCBI a written report with their project results, receipts to verify how the funds were spent, and any unused funds so that SCBI can account to NAMB for the use of these funds.

Other frequently asked questions:

  1. What is the maximum amount that can be requested? Because limited funds are available from NAMB, the maximum request amount per church will be $2,000.
  2. Can we spend for a project in advance of receiving the SCBI/NAMB funds and then be reimbursed for our expenses? If your church has already submitted a Church Request Form to SCBI (as explained above) and you have received an email from our Office that your project was approved for a certain amount, then “yes” you can spend as necessary according to the approved amount.
  3. Are these funds only available for established SCBI churches? No, there are funds also available for our SCBI collegiate ministries and SCBI church plants if they comply with the above criteria ($2,000 maximum).
  4. If you have additional questions, contact John Horn at