Quick note: Over the last few months, I have been explaining various parts of our new strategy in these Indiana Baptist articles. The first article in this series appeared a few months ago. Additionally, we’ll make a concerted effort when it is fully developed to go around the state and explain it to our churches for clarity. Please be praying for our Denominee Future Team who is helping develop much of this strategy and for the SCBI staff as we learn and adjust to it. 

Last month I shared the Scripture fueling my leadership (Romans 15:5-7), and it will manifest itself in our convention as we become increasingly more connected. Connected churches and connected leaders. No church or pastor is alone in Indiana. 

We will become more connected as we partner with churches to discover and fulfill their next step. Part of our new strategy involves utilizing leaders throughout the state as
Next Step Networkers and intentionally connecting churches to one another to strengthen weak areas. When a church needs help in a specific way, we can connect them to another one who has done it well and coach them through their implementation. 

Additionally, innovation comes from connection.  

I desire the SCBI to become known for innovation in the future. As the ministry landscape changes, churches and ministries will have to get creative in how they operate. One of the blessings of being part of our convention is that you have every resource necessary for obeying the Great Commission. Why?

Not because of the expertise of a state office. 

Not because of having the largest bank accounts. 

Not because of having the largest number of churches. 

But because we have strongly connected churches focused on Kingdom advancement. 

When we seek solutions, roomfuls of connected leaders can brainstorm for progress. 

When we need resources, a family of 450 churches can multiply tools, ideas, and money. 

Indiana can be an innovative state convention in at least the midwest because together we can do more with less; we can forge fruitful partnerships, and we can humbly serve one another so that sister churches experience victories. 

Connection and innovation–let’s do it!