To observe the life of Jesus is to note on occasions He withdrew for prayer, for time away from the throngs of people, for a renewed fellowship with the Father. These times were in places of quiet out-of-doors. Apparently, this need still exists for every age group among us. The education of our people is a part of the great commission given to the New Testament church. This is an effort for continuing education among us and to provide it in a context that is refreshing, and a setting enhanced by the great out-of-doors.

-State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, Philosophy, Objectives, Methodology, Program for Camping, Retreat and Assembly Work of the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, September 2, 1976, unpublished.


This sentiment was stated by the SCBI way back in 1976 or as some would say “the good ol’ days.” But the “good ol’ days” had much of the same trouble…we just seem to see it ramped up more in the “good new days”. Regardless, the “need still exists for every age group among us” to get away to camp.

For the sake of fellowship; for the sake of reflection; for the sake of renewal; for the sake of our souls; camp. In a world that is increasingly confusing, increasingly hostile, increasingly uncivil, we need to have a place to get away and relinquish contact with the world in exchange for contact with the Father. Camp. When the world around us has difficulty distinguishing right from wrong, fact from feeling, honor from pride, love from selfishness, man from woman, sometimes a follower of Christ needs to get away and take a breath of fresh air. Camp.

Summer and camp time are fast upon us. Our students need and deserve time away from the hectic and confusing atmosphere that they are engulfed in day in and day out. There are many opportunities during the summer to send our students to week-long athletic, artistic, or agriculturally based adventures and training. There are endless efforts to engage our students in various traveling teams for enhanced competition during the time out of school. But there is only one avenue of respite for our students to actually unplug from the pressures and expectations of the world and to feel the presence of the Father: Camp.

The history of Highland Lakes is one of rich investment from leaders who had a vision; from partners who caught the vision; and from students who benefited from the vision. The campground has been set apart for the glory of the Lord—a place where children, adults, pastors, and seekers can be refreshed and renewed by the Father and discover, develop, and deploy a transformed life in Christ.