The Now…

This is our theme for the SCBI Annual Summit at Highland Lakes October 24-25.  Scripture tells us to live in the now with great expectation and hope for the future.  We have every reason to live in the now.  Now is the time to share the hope of salvation with Indiana.  People are ready and willing to talk about things of a spiritual nature.

Friends, we are seeing God conversations and gospel conversations take place as you are meeting people’s needs in both physical and spiritual places where they are at in order to take them where they need to go…Jesus!  We are seeing people coming to salvations in driveways, parking lots, homes, workplaces, and churches as you are living and proclaiming Jesus across Indiana.  We are seeing baptisms take place as those saved by grace through faith make known their choice to follow Jesus public.

Now is the time to celebrate what God is doing through His army of Hoosiers fighting spiritual forces in heavenly places across Indiana.

Now is the time to make a choice to celebrate these victories together in October at the SCBI Annual Summit.  Bring your church members.  It will be a time of refreshing celebration and encouraging the troops to keep on with the good work that God is doing through us in Indiana.

Now is the time to bookmark as more information and registration for the SCBI Annual Summit in the days ahead.

Looking forward to seeing you at Highland Lakes in October.

In Christ,

Joshua Goepfrich

President, SCBI

Pastor, Hilltop Community Church