Quick note: Over the last few months, I have been explaining various parts of our new strategy in these Indiana Baptist articles. The first article in this series appeared a few months ago. Additionally, we’ll make a concerted effort when it is fully developed to go around the state and explain it to our churches for clarity. 

Last month I proposed that innovation comes from connection. We will become more connected as a convention as we partner with churches to discover and fulfill their next step (our new strategy). 

At the end of May, we will train and activate our Next Step Connectors to work alongside the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) staff members of the SCBI (though their commitment level will be much less than full-time staff) to help churches clarify their next step, collaborate on the process, coach for impact, and celebrate the results. The SCBI exists for its churches, and this strategy will galvanize that resolve.

Next Step Connectors are valuable because they will nearly triple our staff and, therefore, our ability to help our churches. 

Smaller state conventions are typically unable to afford large staffs, nor would that necessarily be the best approach anyway. Employing Connectors throughout the state is a low financial commitment with a potentially huge impact. 

Next Step Connectors are valuable because they are experienced and deepen our collaborative efforts to resource our churches.

Our Connectors come from the “trenches” of ministry, bringing their experiences and knowledge of resources to the table for our churches. When we collaborate with a church to find the best resources to help them, the pool of resources is deeper and the help is stronger.

Next Step Connectors are valuable because they increase partnership throughout the state.

One of our values is Expanding Possibilities because partnership brings new perspectives and diverse ideas. Our Connectors encourage partnership because we have all benefitted from it. We know the value of someone supporting us in our work and helping us see things we might have missed. Strong partnership will promote even more faithful Great Commission work throughout Indiana. 

Pray for our Next Step Connectors and our churches who will be supported well as they keep up the work God has provided.