Summertime, summertime, sumsumsummertime….

And Camp Season is officially on! Time to get out and get into your camp. No better time to be involved in an experience that gets an individual “out of the world” for a short period of time and gets them into the presence of the Father as they fellowship with other Christ-followers. We are super excited and ready for Student Fusion weeks one and two, and for Mission Adventure Camp (MAC)! There will be some differences in scheduling from past years with more of an emphasis on relational aspects; first to the Father, then to leaders and campers, and then camper to camper. HLBC Office Manager and Event Planner Sarah Wickersham has done a tremendous job this year getting her team together to program a successful camp season. Camp Pastors Michael Cramer, Rayden Hollis, and Mark Ayers have contributed to the cause with ideas and suggestions; and, these pastors are geared up and ready to go. Add to that the high energy of Worship Leaders Jake Hunei, Jake Brothers, and Jesse Coraggio and we are in for some high octane gatherings in the Worship Center! The Bible Study leaders and track time coaches are prepared and excited to serve as we help others Discover, Develop, and Deploy a Transformed Life in Christ.

Student Fusion week one begins June 20, Student Fusion week 2 begins June 27, and MAC begins July 5. All camps are at levels we have not seen for a while, near to capacity. Please be in prayer for the campers, the pastors, the HLBC staff, the Summer Missionaries (SUMOS), and the volunteer leaders who will be involved in this year’s camp experience. On behalf of Director of Operations Rick Porter, Office Manager/Event Planner Sarah Wickersham and the entire staff here at Highland Lakes, let me thank you in advance for your prayers and continued support as we prepare and engage in an effort to make a difference for the Kingdom in every way possible.

Jim Shields
Team Leader Highland lakes Baptist Camp