Greetings from Your Camp and Conference Center, Highland Lakes! What a tremendous summer we have had, and what a full fall we have in store! 8 weeks of camps that were full of students and counselors this summer—what a joy to be back in business! Can I take a moment to let you know about the three weeks of SCBI camps? Thanks, I think I will.

Under the direction of Camp Event Planner Sarah Wickersham (can I get a whoot-whoot for all that she did!), here are some facts:

Student Fusion1 boasted a total of 225 campers, with Dr. Michael Cramer as camp pastor and Jake Hueni leading worship. Add to that pastor Mike Jamison as rec director and MC, and you have an exciting combination of energy and leadership. The message, the music, and the activities pointed directly to The Matchless One, Jesus Christ.

The following week, we hosted 250 campers for Student Fusion 2, making for another jam-packed and exciting adventure. Rayden Hollis brought his unique and constant high-energy content and messages as camp pastor, and camp perennial worship team featuring Jake Brothers again brought the worship experience. CJ Briner served up the bad dad jokes all week as MC, bringing groans galore from the audience.

And then MAC camp. Over 180 campers attended as they learned to go “Full Throttle” for Christ. Camp pastor Mark Ayres and worship leader Jesse Corragio moved the campers to understand the need to “go and tell” others about Christ.

So, for the three weeks of SCBI camps, we had a total of 655 campers. Now, that’s exciting, especially after having put up with two years of Covid considerations. But more exciting is this: we know of 56 professed first-time commitments to Christ! Right now, wherever you are reading this, feel free to stand up and shout “Thank You, Father!!!” This is why we do what we do, and we are so grateful to be able to see the Father at work.

Let me have some students tell you about the camps. These are from letters sent back to the camp:

“I love how much you guys teach us kids about the Word of God!…..When I got home I spent a lot of time studying the Three Circles…I love your camp and can’t wait to come back next year!”

“I learned that when we share the gospel with people some will not listen, so we pray for them and we go on. Some will listen so we rejoice with them and share the gospel with others…thank you for all you have done!”

“I really learned a lot this year, especially about how to share my faith with others and make sacrifices in my own life….(camp) helped us to grow closer as friends and made it easier to talk about Christ with one another. Thanks for making it possible.”

“I have attended Highland Lakes Camp every possible year of my life and I must say the camp has made a very notable difference in my life…each year has played an ideal role in increasing my relationship with Christ. I am very appreciative of all the experiences this camp has allowed me to have.”

It is a privilege and honor for your team to serve our churches here at Highland Lakes. We are blessed to see the Father work in so many different ways and in so many different lives. Thank you for sending your students here for a part of their summer; we love serving them as a resource for them to Discover, Develop, and Deploy a Transformed Life in Christ!

Jim Shields

Team Leader, Highland Lakes Baptist Camp