Size, leadership style, methodology, and ethnicities– I love the diversity of churches in our convention! At the Annual Summit, you get to spend time with leaders who are doing things differently than you, which could inspire you in your ministry context. 

Plus, this year, I want to celebrate ethnic diversity and facilitate encouragement for church leaders of different ethnicities. That’s why we’re hosting three dessert receptions on Monday evening after our dinner event–one for African American leaders (with Dennis Mitchell, the Executive Director of the National African American Fellowship, and our own Dr. Reginald Fletcher), one for Burmese leaders (with Pastor Hre Mang) and one for Hispanic leaders (with Jorge Altieri from our SEND Network Indiana team). Additionally, one of the breakout sessions during the meeting will feature a discussion between John Horn (SCBI staff) and several ethnic church leaders. 


When we surveyed pastors to put a pulse on what would be most helpful for the Summit, leadership and encouragement emerged. That’s why our two main speakers were chosen, Dr. Jeff Iorg (Gateway Seminary) and Dr. Dennis Swanberg (Christian comedian, author, and former pastor). Dr. Iorg has led magnificently through significant change at his seminary, and pastors have been experiencing changes since Covid. Dr. Iorg is preaching in the main session on Monday, he and his wife are leading a breakout, and he will allow Q&A with attendees at our Monday night dinner event. 

And who wouldn’t want a comedy show with Dennis Swanberg? That’s what the lunch event on Tuesday is set up to be. Dr. Swanberg will be preaching in the morning session Tuesday also. 


The SCBI is connecting for Kingdom advancement. You’ll be with other pastors who are leading in ways in which you need help. You can connect with them to find support. 

Similarly, you’re leading in ways in which others might need help. Over these two days, you can connect with those leaders and bless them tremendously. 

Kingdom Advancement

As we are connecting for Kingdom advancement, part of the Summit is designed to hear testimonies of how we partner with churches to provide greater missional impact cooperatively. These testimonies and ministry updates should inspire you to leave with fresh ideas for impacting your community. 

Two great days are coming soon, October 24 & 25. Register now as a messenger, and register for the separate dinner and lunch events to take advantage of everything!