Barrington Ridge Baptist Church in Hobart, IN worked to maintain its parking lot every year. Over the years they invested more and more time and money filling the potholes in an effort to provide a nice place to park and ensure safe walking into their facility. This year, however, the parking lot was impossible to repair. The quilt work of asphalt patches no longer held together. Something major had to be done. The leadership of Barrington Ridge decided to completely redo their entire parking lot complete with new parking stripes and even lines for a basketball goal.

I happened to preach at Barrington Ridge the Sunday before the contractor did the work. The parking lot made the building and grounds look old and in a state of disrepair. The week after the asphalt was laid, I had a meeting in the area and drove by the new lot. WOW! It looked like a new building!

How did they get the money to do this? They borrowed money at a fair interest rate from the Indiana Baptist Foundation. The process was simple. They filled out an online form on our web page Provided information regarding the church’s giving, attendance, missions and a bit more. Met with our lending experts from WatersEdge in a Zoom Meeting. Signed the paperwork. Received a check for their Parking Lot re-paving. About a month from beginning to end!

By borrowing from the Baptist Foundation of Indiana, Barrington Ridge Baptist Church practiced Uncommon Generosity. The interest they will pay on their loan will be used to lend money to more SBC churches and ministries to accomplish their Kingdom purposes. If they had borrowed from a local lender the interest they paid would have gone to any purpose the lender chooses. Perhaps nightclubs, liquor stores, casinos, and other things that God isn’t smiling on. Uncommon Generosity honors God.

Interest Rates are still low and material prices have dropped so if you have a project that needs to be addressed in your church now is the time to do it. Reach out to me if you have questions: Bob Weeks or call my cell 812/592-3755.