The Baptist Foundation of Indiana exists to support the work of the churches of our State Convention.  What better way to stand alongside our churches than to encourage and elevate the training of her pastors?

You might think that the Foundation uses OUR money to give scholarships.  That would be wrong.  BFI has no money of our own. Donors, who God graced with more money than they needed, determined that they would give specifically to enhance the educational possibilities for ministers. Those monies combined with funds from other like-minded individuals allow your Baptist Foundation to carry on this legacy of generosity by stewarding the awarding of scholarships every year.  It is not our money used our way.  It is the money of donors given under the understanding that their gifts will used just as they desired. The Baptist Foundation of Indiana has a solemn trust to insure that happens.

SO…Pastor, this one’s for you. Do you have the longing to continue your theological education but feel the economic burden on your family would be too much to bear?  We feel you. The Baptist Foundation of Indiana’s Board of Directors recently approved a change in the use of scholarship funds set aside by generous donors.  In 2023 we will award a full, three-year, Doctor of Ministry scholarship to the recipient’s choice of SBC-related seminaries!  (This will cover your tuition, but you will be responsible for books, travel, and any lodging for the program of your choice.)

As a former long-term pastor, I long to see the number of pastors served with scholarships grow.  Would you consider a gift this tax season to our scholarship fund? Perhaps your church might take a special offering to give to the fund. Maybe an Association might choose to give the gift of theological education by placing money in an existing Trust. When you give today your trust continues to give from now until Jesus comes back! Yes, you really can keep giving long after you walk Heaven’s shores.

If there is anything we at the Baptist Foundation can do for you, Church Loans, Church Investments, Church Accounting or even, how to give money away in a Godly manner, we can help. Call me Bob Weeks 812/592-3755 or