Studying your community demographics is a good way to understand what’s happening in your community, what the needs are, and how you can minister to them to share the Gospel.  SCBI has new free Missioninsite demographics available now for our churches!

To request your community demographics, determine the address site that you want to study (including the zip code), and how wide of a radius to include with information about that site (1 mile recommended for neighborhood churches, 3-mile recommended for urban/suburban churches, and 5-mile recommended for rural churches). Send this information to Carol Houpt at our SCBI Office at, and you should receive your demographics within approximately one week.

After you’ve received this report, if you have questions about how to interpret these demographics contact John Horn, SCBI’s Church Health Team Leader at  We also have a handout we can send you entitled, “Interpreting the Missioninsite Demographics for Your Community.”