The SCBI partners with churches to help discover and fulfill their next step so that we can, together, connect for Kingdom Advancement. To see this vision fulfilled, the SCBI has trained and empowered six local pastors from around the state to be Next Steps Connectors.

The Training

Your Next Step Connectors met on Tuesday, January 31st in the newly designed “Gathering Room” at the SCBI office to be trained in this exciting ministry and learn how to serve pastors in their local church context.

During the training, Dr. Ryan Strother – SCBI Executive Director, shared the vision behind “Next Steps.” Connectors were led through the details of the “Next Steps” ministry by your Team Leader for Leader Empowerment Mobilization, Scooter Kellum. The Connectors were then trained in how to work through scenarios that may come up as they serve pastors. They discussed strategies and resources to be used to encourage and serve the pastor in helping them to discover and fulfill their next step in their local church for kingdom advancement.

The Focus

The focus of the Next Steps Connector ministry is “What is God already doing in the local church?” Therefore, a “Next Step” is an action that facilitates forward movement to the mission of Jesus in the context of the local church. As an example, Connectors are ready to help you take the next step in areas like:

  • starting a new ministry to students;
  • leading your church on an international mission trip;
  • beginning a new community outreach;
  • connecting with camps and ministries happening at Highland Lakes.

Those are just a few of the many resources that your Next Steps Connectors are ready to help you with as you discover and fulfill your Next Step for Kingdom Advancement.

The Goals
This means that the Next Steps Connectors are ready to talk with and encourage pastors to

  1. Clarify their Next Step,
  2. Collaborate on the Next Step process,
  3. Coach for impact and
  4. Celebrate the results of what God did as that local church took its practical Next Step.

Moving forward, your Next Step Connectors will be contacting pastors in their region within the next few months to start this exciting process.  The list of regional connectors is below.  If you have any questions regarding the Next Steps Connector Ministry in general, please contact Scooter Kellum ( or Dan Conrades (

If you have questions about starting this exciting Next Step process, please contact your Next Step Connectors in your region.

Region 1 – (Crossroads) –  Reginald Fletcher ( and Jim Wright (

Region 2-  (East Central, Eastern, Whitewater, South Central)- Dan Conrades (

Region 3–  (North Central, Northeast, Miami)-  Stephen Love (

Region 4–  (Northwest, Wabash Valley)-  Mitchell Tabla  (

Region 5-  (West Central, White River, Southwest)-  Ben Beland (

Region 6–  (Southeastern)-  Scooter Kellum (

If you would like to know more about using the newly renovated “Gathering Place” at the SCBI offices, please contact Scooter.  We would love to host you at our SCBI office and get to know you more.