It’s February, it’s cold, time to be thinking about….SUMMER!! Specifically, start thinking about…CAMP!!! Yes, indeed, just the thought of Highland Lakes and Camp Cookies and the Giant Swing and running in the sun on the rec field and jumping into Brock Lake or the pool and hiking and friendships and discovering, developing, and deploying a relationship with Christ and (well, you get the point) brings a good healthy inner warm glow. So, while you’re all comfy and toasty and thinking about it, now is a great time to register for Student Fusion I or II and Mission Adventure Camp. Registration is up and running, and we have already had a very good start to getting the camps filled, so I would advise getting your registration done as soon as possible!
This year’s Student Fusion camps (grades 6-12) will focus on what our true identity should be; authentic Christ followers with “No Filters”. Mission Adventure Camp (grades 3-6) will focus on Life’s Amazing Adventure, where we “Zoomerang” to the value of life—as the image of God, wonderfully designed to know Him and live for Him! We are excited and encouraged as we anticipate the coming summer and the lives that will Discover, Develop, and Deploy a Transformed Life in Christ!
And, as you are registering your students for camp, why not take a moment to consider signing up as a counselor or chaperone for your church? What better way to show your son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter/nephew/niece that you are willing to invest in their lives and their future? What better way to demonstrate the importance and value that you see in setting time away from all the “stuff” of the world, and getting closer to the Father and to each other? You know that time here at Highland Lakes is always time well invested….. so invest it with your students.
Here is another thought, while I am on a roll: If you are a senior in high school, or already in college, consider applying for a position in the Summer Missionary Leadership Program at Highland Lakes! As part of the Highland Lakes team, you will be encouraged and challenged to do more, be more, and accomplish more than you would imagine. You will have the opportunity to grow in your leadership skills as you grow in your relationship with Christ by serving Him as you serve others. A summer as a Sumo (Summer Missionary) is like no other summer! Apply now at Positions are limited, so apply now, and you will know what you will be doing this summer!
2022 was a wonderful year for Highland Lakes and those we serve; 2023 is gonna be great, it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be GREEAATT!
Dr. Jim Shields
Team Leader, Highland Lakes Camps and Conference Center