Meet Mitch Tabla! Mitch has been serving Valparaiso Baptist Church as pastor since August of 2020 and the Northwest Indiana Baptist Association since March of 2021. Mitch married the love of his life, Kelly, in April of 2016. Mitch & Kelly had their firstborn child, Hannah, in October of 2022.  Mitch is a graduate of Purdue University, receiving his first degree in the school of management. He also finished his studies at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL, where he graduated with a bachelor of arts in Biblical Studies.

Beyond his family, Mitch’s largest passion in life is ministry. He has served within the local church for years, leading in ministries such as Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Senior Adult Ministry, Various Bible Studies, Missions Coordinator, and Preaching God’s Word. The areas he can be most helpful are church revitalization and community outreach. The first church he led was a church revitalization, and to this day, he is leading his current church, VBC, through a revitalization process as well. Outside of the church, Mitch enjoys spending time with his family, the performing arts, bowling, golf, and quality time with others.

Mitch would love to help you or your church think through the areas of church revitalization or community outreach.  If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask.