Ministry families can often feel overwhelmed during Holy Week. The preparation for those extra services (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Sunrise Services, Children’s activities, extra music, etc.), in addition to the Resurrection Celebration service, leads to extra hours and time away from the family. 

So, let’s get practical. 

I posted this on Facebook this week: 

“Pastors, this is an incredible week! But it’s also a week where I’ve experienced the temptation to be so excited and creative in proclaiming the resurrection that I’ve become frustrated when I didn’t meet a self-made standard. This feeling of inadequacy can rob your joy going into this weekend, and the feeling of false ‘self-failure’ can plague you for days.”

Work hard and be creative, but remember that the most powerful message in the world does not depend on your abilities or the fanciest presentation. Rest in the fact that you are God’s instrument, and simply proclaim the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ! (Romans 1:16)”

It’s tiring to stretch yourself by challenging your creativity in planning Holy Week activities. Let others who are gifted in those ways help. 

Nikki posted this on Facebook this week:

“Ministry moms of littles… one time 8 years ago I thought I had a good idea that I want to share if it can be helpful. I put my kids’ cute Easter outfits on the day before Easter and did a nice slow relaxed photo shoot with them. I love these pictures and I love that I wasn’t worried about trying to snap them with all the other responsibilities that come with such a big day of ministry. Enjoy this weekend!”

The tension of ministry responsibilities and family traditions don’t have to lead to conflict or regret. Think of ways to satisfy both and keep proper priorities.

Your service to the body of Christ is a blessing to many, especially during Holy Week. Thank you for being faithful!