If you have been following Indiana Disaster Relief, you will know that there is a renewed energy and excitement among the volunteers and leaders. Here are just a few of the thrilling things happening in the first three months of 2023!

  • In January 2023 Butch Porter took three members of the Executive Task Force to the national Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Round table in Jacksonville Fl.
  • Between January 14th and January 21st, there were 53 newly trained volunteers!
  • Ben Beland from Northwoods Church in Evansville will be joining the DR team as a Blue Hat leader and will be receiving a recovery unit (IN #RC 002).
  • In the month of March, another 35 volunteers were trained in two separate trainings!
  • Indiana Baptist Executive Task Force brought on a new shower laundry coordinator, Randy Vandermark, and assigned shower unit #SH001 to Tipp Baptist Church. They have also assigned the shower unit #SH002 to Todd Branson.
  • The Executive Task Force has added new Blue Hat Leaders:  Keith Royer, Todd Branson, and Randy Vandermark. They have also added Melody Holmes as the new Training Coordinator.
  • Joe Fox, Flood recovery coordinator, is engaging volunteers to help with repairing an old house in Breeman, IN.  This is to help keep an elderly couple in their home.  This is a joint effort with Catholic Charities and Indiana Baptist. To help with this project contact Joe at 765-729-1366.

Looking forward to the spring and summer, the Disaster Relief team is busy planning more trainings and events. There will be an upcoming training for new volunteers in Dublin, IN on May 6th and several other trainings are in the planning stages.

One important ministry of Disaster Relief that is being revitalized in Indiana is the Chaplaincy ministry. Please join us in praying for the person who will step in to fill the role of State DR Chaplain.

If you are interested in getting involved in the work of Indiana Disaster Relief, contact Butch Porter at bporter@scbi.org.  You can also follow the Facebook page at “Indiana Disaster Relief”.