Churches in the Crossroads Association have been getting outside the walls of their churches and into their communities. Two examples are from Emmanuel Baptist Church and Eternal Life Baptist Church.

Jordan Hobble, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist in North Salem got together with other pastors from other denominations in his town and partnered to host a fun event for North Salem. Together they hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for their community at a local park. They advertised at the school and throughout the town. While the multi-church teamwork was a challenge, Pastor Jordan is hopeful that this will be the beginning of reaching their city with the gospel and working together with other local churches.

Ken Sanders, from Eternal Life Baptist, is also getting out into his community in a new way. He has started a program called Great Friends Club in Brentwood Elementary in Plainfield. The club meets right after school. The leaders help kids with their homework, they have a snack, some activity time, and then they have a bible study. This is a great way to minister to a school. They build relationships with the kids, teachers, and community and share the Gospel each week. What an opportunity! Their biggest prayer is that God would continue to open doors for the workers to have gospel conversations with the children.