My name is Ryan Sidwell, and I grew up in a Christian home right here in Indiana. I have an amazing and supportive wife named Kimberly, and we will be married for 8 years in June. We met while working in the movie theater in our hometown. We have a 2-year-old little boy named Roman. I am in the process of completing the Next Step Certification that is being offered by the Indiana Baptist.  

I currently serve as one of the pastors at Calvary Baptist Church in New Castle, Indiana. Calvary Baptist Church has been around since 1954. We are a smaller church, but we love the Lord and praise His name. There are currently two of us who are taking on the lead of pastor in the church, the other being Ken Lyons. I know I could not do the work I do for this church without the system that Ken and I have worked out together. When I am not helping with the church, I am a full-time nurse in a surgical department.