By Shelia Gustafson

On March 10-12, 29 individuals attended the IUS Christian Student Fellowship Spring Retreat at Highland Lakes Baptist Camp.  The theme of the retreat was LEAD! The purpose was to educate and inspire students to recognize their influence on others and how they can become Christian leaders.

Former SCBI Leadership and Empowerment Director, John Horn, led sessions on how to lead in the classrooms, in churches, in CSF and in the world. From his experience of serving in campus ministry, John shared examples of how imparting one’s life to others can impact the world for Christ.

Campus Ministers, Chris and Shelia Gustafson, led a session on what leadership looks like as a Christian.  Chris also led the students in several team-building exercises and playing Underground Church, which was one of the highlights of the weekend.

Students enjoyed the grounds of HLBC and especially the welcome center, where riveting card and board games occurred while enjoying a crackling fire.  Upon return to campus, 12 students applied and were confirmed for 2023-24 leadership positions. These students are poised to help reach the IUS campus for Christ.