At the SCBI, our vision is to Connect for Kingdom Advancement. When you take that vision and pair it with the fact that, as believers, we are better together, you get a glimpse of what took place between the SCBI and the Alabama State Board of Missions (ALSBOM) from May 15-17.

For three days, your Church and Leader Mobilization Team Leader (Scooter Kellum) and Associate Team Leader (Dan Conrades) had the opportunity to meet with many of the state missionaries from the Alabama State Board of Missions. From the moment Scooter and Dan stepped foot into the offices at ALSBOM, they were treated as partners in ministry. They met with state leaders for church leadership, church health, evangelism, global missions, compassion ministries, women, music, collegiate ministry, discipleship and Cooperative Program. Each of these state missionaries spent dedicated time with Scooter and Dan to discuss strategies for ministry. Not only did state missionaries arrange their schedules during the day to meet with Scooter and Dan, but one of the state missionaries gave up an evening to talk with Scooter and Dan about global missions.

On Wednesday, Scooter and Dan were invited to join in the ALSBOM staff meeting. During their staff meeting, Dr. Rick Lance (the Executive Director of ALSBOM) invited Scooter to share about what God is doing in Indiana. Dr. Lance then asked Mike Jackson (Associate Executive Director) to come forward and pray for all of us in Indiana. As we think about this Dr. Ryan Strother said of Dr. Lance, “I appreciate his leadership and his desire to help other leaders and conventions. His experience and wisdom are a blessing, and he’s willing to share that with others.” After the staff meeting, Scooter and Dan were treated to lunch with the ALSBOM team and learned some exciting ideas on how to promote our State Missions Offering.

At the end of the three days with the ALSBOM staff, Scooter and Dan walked away encouraged and excited as they truly experienced that we are better together so that we can connect for kingdom advancement. When you think about who we are as Southern Baptists, this is one reason we exist, to partner together for the Kingdom. It truly is a great day to be Indiana Baptist…and Alabama Baptist.

To learn more about what God did on this trip and to hear about exciting initiatives for Church and Leader Mobilization, please reach out to Scooter Kellum ( and Dan Conrades (