Calvary Heights Baptist Church began as a church plant in Martinsville, IN in 1961. They began meeting on Main Street and soon grew large enough to build a permanent building just outside of the downtown area. This building on N. Kristi Road has seen many years of ministry but recently God began to birth a new vision in the hearts of the leaders and congregation members. Pastors Michael Pratt and Chris Heacock shared their vision with the church and called them to pray. They began to feel drawn back to the center of town and to the people who live within walking distance of Main Street. After much prayer, Calvary Heights decided to sell their building and move to a downtown location. They have begun an agreement with a local music store on the main square in Martinsville and will be meeting at the Main Street Stage each Sunday morning. This provides direct access to the people of Martinsville and puts the church at the heart of the city. In addition to meeting in the downtown area for Sunday worship, the church has begun meeting for weekly Bible studies at the local Starbucks. Their prayer is that by holding Bible study in a public location, community members will be drawn to participate and learn about the gospel. This unique approach to ministry is refreshing. Let’s join in praying for Calvary Heights as they step out in faith to reach the city of Martinsville with the hope of the gospel.