By Chad Wilken

This October our Next Gen Team Collegiate Coordinator, Chad Wilkin, who serves with his wife LaDonna as the Co-Director of Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Indiana State in Terre Haute, had the opportunity to attend the annual meeting of the Baptist Collegiate State Directors in Richmond Virginia at the headquarters of the IMB. The group had the opportunity to stay at the International Learning Center where all our missionaries who serve around the globe spend weeks in training and preparation before they are launched into the field.

Here are a few highlights of the trip:

  • They were also given a tour of the IMB headquarters where the support staff serves our missionaries and learned more about the scope and impact of our cooperative mission work.
  • The IMB staff shared that over 6500 students, high school and college, have served in the last 12 months on short-term trips around the globe! This number surpasses the number of students serving in the 12 months prior to the pandemic.
  • During the meeting, new officers were elected for the upcoming year, and Chad was elected as secretary of the group! This provides an opportunity for Chad to represent Indiana Baptists as he serves this group of leaders representing over 650 Collegiate ministries on campuses around North America.


Pray for God’s continued favor on our college campuses and the continued stirring of this critical age group for salvation and calling into kingdom service.


Check out these websites for opportunities to serve: for international trips and service projects or for North American mission trips and projects


Chad would love to connect with you about any questions you might have about equipping or sending students and connecting them with campus ministries as well, his email is