For a couple of years, Pastor Adam Llovet and Citizen Church in Culver, IN, have been utilizing the Basic Accounting, Contribution Tracking, and Payroll Services provided by WatersEdge through a partnership with the Baptist Foundation of Indiana (BFI).

As the BFI partners with WatersEdge to steward church loans and Kingdom investments, many SCBI churches might not be familiar with the Ministry Accounting Services offered to them. WatersEdge Ministry Accounting services are designed to lift a burden off church leaders’ shoulders, and include services like Basic Accounting, Payroll, Contribution Tracking, and Online Giving.

Lllovet said they chose to utilize these services because they, “liked the vision and mission of WatersEdge and their pricing made it financially possible to utilize as we got started with our church plant from the very beginning.”

These are excellent services for church plants to establish solid financial practices from the start, and the deal is even sweeter now. The North American Mission Board (NAMB) has offered to pay for the first year of services for a church plant in Indiana.

“No, this offer was not available until a year after we went through assessment,” Llovet lamented. He also added, “I highly recommend other church plants take advantage of this valuable resource.”

Having these services offers pastors to focus on other aspects of ministry like pastoral care, preaching, and implementing their vision for their church. Llovet expressed, “It is nice to have eyes on the accounts and the only thing we have to do is make the deposits at our local bank. They take care of the contributions, payroll and all of the other day-to-day financial responsibilities.”

Even established churches can benefit from these Ministry Accounting Services. Many established churches have volunteer financial secretaries or other arrangements where there are not professional services in place. Financial practices are important, and churches should consider if these services offered in partnership with the BFI is right for them.

Learn more about the Ministry Accounting Services available to SCBI churches by clicking here.

If you have questions, contact your BFI Interim Co-Presidents, Drs. Ryan Strother ( and Jim Shield (