By Rachel Bland

Congregational worship is one of my favorite things. I love hearing the people of God sing praises! There’s something heavenly about it–and it really is a taste of heaven on earth because in heaven we will be praising the King forever. Why? It’s because Jesus alone is worthy to be praised! Nothing else–just Jesus–because he is enough. 


At the beginning of November, a few ladies and I were able to go to LifeWay Women’s Leadership Forum. It’s a time of worship and training to help build up women in ministry all over the country. We had the opportunity to listen to many gifted teachers, writers, and pastors who left us encouraged, affirmed, equipped, and challenged in our roles in ministry. 


I love going to these kinds of conferences because I’m always eager to learn what others in ministry are doing and how I can take what I’ve learned back to my local church. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, yet if that’s the only mindset then something is going to be missed. 


See, ministry in any capacity cannot exist unless you have first been ministered to. I’m not talking about a specific person, rather the ministry of reconciliation given by Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:18-21). The work of the ministry begins with Jesus giving us life by freely laying down his. 


It’s not Jesus plus the work we accomplish in ministry. 


It’s just Jesus! 


He alone is enough. 


Therefore, I can’t go to a conference and only think about the job of doing ministry. I first must consider the freely given ministry of reconciliation. 


That’s what happened at the start of day two. The worship band got up on stage and began leading a congregation of women in worship. Something was different. They led the same way they did the day before, but things had shifted in the room. We sang songs like “You’ve Already Won” and “Faithful Now”. Through these songs we proclaimed God’s faithfulness. But then we sang “Living Hope.” It was as if the worship band was no longer there. The women just praised the Lord. The worship wasn’t something to be spectacted but something to participate in because we remembered the hope we have in Jesus because of his ministry of reconciliation. Sure the band was playing but the women sang to THE King of Kings, THE Lord of Lords, THE Prince of Peace. With each lyric it was one reminder after the other of the work Jesus did, before any of us in that room ever worked in ministry. 


At one point, I glanced at the worship team, and you could see they were taken back by the worship happening in the room. It was that taste of heaven–women praising Jesus because of what he has already done for each of us.


When the worship concluded, Derwin Gray was introduced to the stage. He mentioned the worship and how amazing it was to be in a room where women would get lost in the praises of the One True King, which worked well as a segway to his message titled “When Everything is not Enough, Jesus is because He is Faithful.” 


The whole emphasis of Gray’s message reminded us that Jesus alone is enough. We don’t need Jesus plus our achievements in ministry, life, raising kids, or whatever else fills that blank. We just need Jesus. 


Sometimes that can be hard to believe. The struggles of life can be real. They weigh us down. We can believe for every person we minister to that Jesus is enough, but inside we struggle to believe it ourselves. And that’s exactly what Gray challenged us with at the end of his message. He asked each of us to consider this: Where is Jesus not enough in your life?


I’m not sure what you’re currently facing, but what I do know is that if we can believe God can save us from eternal separation, forgive us of our sins, and give us eternal life with him; then why wouldn’t we believe he is enough for the circumstance we’re facing? 


This is what I asked myself. And as I wrestled with this question, I realized how silly it sounded for Jesus to be enough to erase my sin but not enough to handle life. All I needed was the reminder of the truth. 


The key to knowing Jesus is enough is remembering.


We can remember Jesus is enough through messages like the one Derwin gave, but we also don’t have to be at some fancy conference. We can remember Jesus is enough in our own time we spend with Jesus. We can remember it as we hear bad news. We can remember Jesus is enough even when things aren’t going the way we had hoped. 


However, keys often get lost. That’s why people have AirTags or Tiles on their keys. We forget where we put them, and I think we do the same thing with Jesus. Going to conferences, reading your Bible daily, and regularly attending church can be the AirTag to remind you Jesus is enough–even for the circumstance you’re facing. 


Day two’s worship was beautiful. It’s not because there was anything special about the worship band, but it was reminding us of the key: Jesus is enough. Worship is beautiful because it realigns our hearts back to the Truth.


One day, we will forever remember Jesus is enough and we will join with the angels singing, “Holy, Holy Holy is the Lord.” 


Until that day comes, let’s join together to worship the King forever not because of our ministries but because of his ministry of reconciliation!